So, Sasha Velour won season 8. Congrats. I was stanning for Valentina, but once her ass went out, well… I was all Sasha.

RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Sasha Velour responds to a divisive political climate by celebrating beauty, brains, and belonging.

via Conservative Values, Meet Drag Values — Longreads

I still love you, Violet Chatchki. I’ll never forget my first crush. I’ll always love ass-shaking, naughty burlesque, heels up in the air. I love a queen with attitude, but who doesn’t? I’ve just gotten into Drag Race, but I’m amazed by her. Her aesthetic, her…. everything! I mean, look at this shit… look at the bitch go.

I love a good corset, finger waves, big hair rolls, a baby doll lip. Violet, you’re a goddess. You put Linda-what’s-her-face to shame. 

I didn’t finish watching Season 8, I got distracted, but I follow most of the queens on my Instagram, please boost my self-esteem and follow. I love Jaymes. I’m very into old Hollywood, she speaks to me. I will admit, she was a bit of a mess and deserved to be eliminated, but I believe she’s grown. I think she’s cleaned up her look and made it modern, yet still vintage and appealing. She’s following trends but still maintaining accuracy. Her makeup is on point and she is looking too cute.

Go ahead and check out her Instagram. TALK. ABOUT. A GLOW. UP.

Of course, I was with the crowd when Aja was sent home. She was robbed, whatever. Farrah, oh no. Valentina? My ass was on a plane to Mexico, I had enough.

Again, I got distracted. I had shit to do, I didn’t watch all of it or the finale. I do stay loyal, I watch untucked now and again, stay tuned to Logo’s YouTube Channel, I watch WOWPresents and HeyQween. The last two have some really great Queen videos and I encourage you to watch!

A Personal Favorite With Two Outrageous Queenies




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