Hi, Trump, it’s me!

Okay, I admit. I’m one of those people that like to wave their opinion around. I realize on a global scope, I’m pretty lucky. If you’re an American or a citizen of a Western power (i.e., England, Canada, France kind of, Spain) the average citizen can go ahead, start a blog, and spew any thoughts that come into their wonky head. Here I am, world.

If you’ve been around the past several months, you might have noticed the U.S. had an election. We have a new president. Congrats? Well, no. A lot of people didn’t exactly take their tops off. In fact, there was a very frightening rise of hate crime towards Jewish, Muslim, and Hispanic communities. Just look at this article from the Southern Poverty Law Center. It’s even going on in high schools

If you read my post, you’ll know that I was clinically depressed.

Los Angeles got a little chaotic. Look, I wrote a poem:


Hay-haired wannabe marionette master/ Newly elected anti-American/ Bigoted disaster,

LA Youth Army/ Protested / Democracy their answer!

“No hatred,” they said / “Love only/ Is what we pray!”

“Our fathers did not die/ For that man to stay/ Do not shed our blood, we say.”

“We hold hands in unity/ For our mother’s worry/ Fists up, chests out/

“Pride in our skin/ Our heritage, our kin/ Keep on the fight

That man will not win!”


Guess what, I’m Mexican. Second generation, to be exact. Ho-ly shit.

So, you can understand as a woman, a Mexican, someone with a heart and mind, I don’t exactly like elote-in-chief or his antics. To be honest, I thought he wouldn’t survive the whole “grabbing” scandal. You know, spineless Billy Bush. Locker room talk, boys just being boys, all topped off with a lackluster “apology” and a Dayglo tan. What is this? Punk’d?

I mean, who cares, right? He only has the nuclear codes. He only oversees one of the largest armies in the world.

He also wants to destroy Planned Parenthood. That only concerns us girls, though. We shouldn’t worry. It causes pimples, and, oh god, wrinkles. How will we find husbands then?


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